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Welcome to the Dark eFfectX | † 1313 Studios †. A collection of current and past works in the digital arts. Software used: Gimp v2.4.6 for the images; Coffee Cup HTML Editor for the scripting and coding, Flash Decompiler Trilix by Eltima Software.

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Custom digital graphics for both personal and professional use.  Custom Style Sheets (css) for InvisionFree, InvisionPowerBoard (IPB), Zetaboard, phpBB2, phpBB3 forum software modifications and HTML templates requests available to all premium members.
†1313 Studios†
Graphic Arts Showcase, from digital to pen|ink designs.

The FX Institute

DFX Designs:

Words not enough to express your anguish? Carved out a piece of your soul and want to share with others? Drench the walls with ink and color.
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Artist Spotlight

Jacquelynn McDonald

Certified Paint Color Specialist /PCS/ through the Sherwin Williams Paint Co, over fourteen (14) years experience in Digital Graphic Art, Architectural and Layout Design study.

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