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IFX Arena | FAQ

A memebers forum stats determine your character's place in the IFX Arena battle.
( see -> Example )

In order to engage battle you will need to send a private message(PM) to the member of your choice. Once the PM is returned, a link will appear under the user stats that says
- ' A T T A C K ' -
Click the link and you will be taken to a one on one battle. The battle arena is Member Player vs Member AI PLayer. Your opponent is the games AI controlling the challenger. This does not mean your character will always lose or always win. This way any member can challange another member and not need to worry if that person will be or will stay online. To set your RPG Profile so the game will determine how much damage you inflict or take,
For [ Beta ] version: | My Controls - Personal Profile - Edit Profile |
For [ Delta ] version: | My Controls - RPG Information - Update Profile |
If you choose not to set your class or race, your character will not do well against those who do. Basically, the game's program takes a member's user stats, and its own internal settings using game play experience (EXP) in conjunction.

Example Battle

The IFX Arena Battle is Arcade Style - you have three (3) options:
----> Attack | Magic | Flee <----
Your opponent: the computer fighting on behalf of the member that was challenged, will attack. You both start off with 100 life points. The page will then refresh, a Windows Message box will appear to tell how much damage that was done and received (when Magic or Flee are used, the message will advise if sucsessful). The first one to reach 0 life points loses. A Private Message is then sent to the The Member that was Challenged to advise them that they had been challenged and how the battle went. Remember this is all in good FUN. The outcomes of the arena battles will not affect your member's overall board standing one way or the other (unless you set up exterior competitions).

Browser Compatibility

Question: Does the IFX Arena work while using FireFox ?
Answer: The battle activation link is not visible(viewable) within FireFox. Therefore a user cannot activate the battle arena. If bypassed, generaly with a copy and paste from IE to FF, the game will function. If using FireFox, you will need to enable the IE Tab Extention. or Internet Explorer 6 or better is recomended.

IFX Arena | Q and A
Question: What is the IFX Arena ?
Answer: The IFX Arena is a .js based battle RPG.
Question: Who was it created by ?
Answer: The IFX Arena was created by IFArcadeX.
Question: Do I actually battle another forum member ?
Answer: The IFX Arena takes the RPG statistics from the forum member that was selected to battle. The games AI, battle bot, then battles on behalf of that member with their statistics.

Question: What are the differences between [ Beta ] and [ Delta ] ?
Answer: [ Beta ] is the version that which relies on WebWorldX[wwx] rpg hack v3.1
[ Delta ] is the combined version with wwx's rpg Delta.
Question: What is the difference ?
Answer: The main difference is that rpg Delta offeres a workable Item and Weapons Shop. Not to mention the various charater classes available, in addition are accesible for FireFox users.
Question: Will this work with my other scripts ?
Answer: The IFX Arena is combinable with both rpg Delta and RPG Inferno. However you cannot combine RPG Inferno with rpg Delta. We have several mods pak available in our Forum, along with support for use and modification to fit your needs..

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